George Fox

As Light Is Sown

Any investigation of the spiritual concepts of the  Light, the Truth, and the Seed as they emerged in the Society of Friends, or Quakers, will turn at some point to George Fox (1624-91). While he is often called the society’s founder, a more accurate view would place him at the center a vibrant circle of early leaders, most of them falling to premature deaths as a consequence of intense persecution. Fox, however, survived well into the second generation of Friends in a spiritual life that was crucially guided by two older women – first Elizabeth Hooton (1600?-1672) and then Margaret Fell (1614-1702). I would prefer to call him its central organizer or administrator. While his biggest impact came in steering a course amid storms of public hostility and in the shaping of the government of his church, or body of believers, Fox increasingly became the arbiter of what was acceptable…

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