William Penn

As Light Is Sown

From the perspective of understanding the range of Light metaphor at work among early Friends, William Penn (1644-1728) becomes problematic. He is capable of articulating it in the context of traditional Quaker language, as he does in his 1677 letter to the Countess of Falkenstein:

“Let this that hath visited thee lead thee; this Seed of light and life, which is the Seed of the Kingdom; yea, it is Christ, the true and only Seed of God, that visited my soul even in my young years, that spread my sins in order before me, reproved me, and brought godly sorrow upon me, making me often weep in solitary places … Now was all the glory of the world as a bubble … And in this seeking state I was directed to the testimony of Jesus in mine own conscience, as the true shining light, giving me to discern the thoughts…

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