Why Do I Like Quaker Universalism {QU}?

ImageQU and the Light

I was recently at the library researching a bit on the Quakers, the Holy Spirit, and contemplative prayer.  My table is full with stacks of books.  Most I have rejected for one thing or another.


I settled on seven books of modest size. Four are on Quakerism, one is on Pentecostalism, one is on Contemplative Prayer, and one is on an International Perspective on the Holy Spirit.


I have a thirst, a hunger to learn as much about Quakerism as I can.  As quick as I can. There are several reasons for this.  First is that this belief system values everything which I value and it is as if this faith was written for me from my deep beliefs.  Second, the belief system is  one of darma in that there is a consistency of belief and outward behavior.  Third I am drawn by the universality of the inward light which shines on each individual’s path to God, if only one can be quiet and look. And finally,  the fourth reason is its emphasis on love and peace.


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