My Philosophy

Just a bit about my philosophy;‭  ‬My beliefs;‭ ‬My mission statement.

I consider myself a non-affiliated Quaker Universalist,‭ ‬or in another way to put it is that I strive to be a Universal Friend.‭ ‬I am a Quaker as I believe in the same ideals as the historical Quaker of having the goal of‭ “‬letting go,‭ ‬and letting God‭”‬,‭ or letting ‬the inner light direct me in worthy pursuits.‭ ‬I am non-affiliated as I have not quite found a gathering of my kind.‭ ‬I believe that the monthly and yearly meetings are counter-intuitive to the original Quaker tenets.‭ ‬We are suppose to be equal and uncounted in the secular world.‭ ‬We are all part of God and ministers of his grace.‭ ‬I am a Universalist in that I believe there is value and truth in all faiths.‭   ‬I believe that all souls will eventually go to Heaven and that a just and loving God would not condemn souls to Hell for eternity.‭ ‬I believe this is true of all souls that have ever,‭ ‬or will,‭ ‬live.‭ ‬We all may have a different path to God,‭ ‬but we all re-unite with God.‭ ‬My goal in life is to find the best way back to God and to help others find their way whenever possible.‭  ‬This journey to God is the mission of life.


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